Saturday, November 9, 2019

Brainy toys for kids of all ages!

I received these products from MindWare for review.  MindWare is the award-winning creator and manufacturer of Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages.  Their diverse product line includes educational toys, games, brainteasers, creative play activities, building sets, coloring books and more - all of which make great holiday gifts!

bab is a timeless, artistic, heirloom-quality addition to your play space with a spectrum of play possibilities!  These whimsical, wooden toys promote creativity while introducing basic play lessons.  babu Stacker has a modern twist on toy blocks delivering pure and simple play by stacking the sleek rainbow pieces by size and sequence to create a traditional pyramid, or twist and turn them to make a more playful shape.  babu Rocker introduces sorting, stacking and balancing.  babu Rollers is a modular car set letting little ones create cars, campers and even a truck.  Mix and match the colorful wooden tops and bases to build unique vehicles with smooth-rolling wheels.  Each piece is crafted from solid hardwood with a non-toxic, BPA-free, water-based finish.  All develop hand-eye coordination, gross motor development, color sorting and spatial recognition.  It is recommended for ages 6 months and up.  You can purchase the babu 3 piece set HERE for $59.95.

Every Dig It Up! Dinosaur egg in the carton contains a different dinosaur! Simply soak the 3" clay egg in water and then carefully chisel away the shell to excavate the dinosaur inside.  The set includes one dozen individually-wrapped clay eggs, each with a chiseling tool and instructions, and an excavation guidebook for learning more about your dino discoveries.  It's a perfect group or party activity!  While supplies last, get a free bonus excavation kit that includes a hammer and chiseling tool, brush and sponge, magnifying lens and reusable plastic mat for easy clean-up.  It is recommended for ages 4 and up.  You can purchase Dig It Up! Dinosaur HERE for $25.95.

Celebrate the holiday season by painting your own high-quality porcelain Christmas ornaments.  Honor special milestones and memories of the past year with personalized designs for friends and family.  A full-color instruction guide features tips for color mixing and creating effects like stippled, sponged or taped-off designs. Oven bake each painted ornament for a glossy finished product! Includes six porcelain ornaments, paintbrush, ribbon and 12 paints.  It is recommended for ages 8 and up.  You can purchase Paint Your Own Percelain Ornaments HERE for $21.95.

Get going with movement, classification and destination with this set of 2 cooperative games:  Topper Takes a Trip and Monkey Around!  Topper Takes A Trip encourages planning and packing as kids figure out what kind of things Topper needs for his different vacations:  first pick one of five destinations, then work together to pack and go!  Monkey Around is a great game for wiggly toddlers:  from hugs to hopping, everyone moves and everyone wins!  Toddlers use their bodies and minds together to complete each game.  The sweet and silly game themes are sure to spark giggles.  Topper Takes a Trip includes:  5 location cards, 5 packing lists, 25 packing pieces, suitcase, parent guide and instructions.  Monkey Around includes:  1 game board, 40 cards, 1 bean bag banana, parent guide and instructions.  Both games are recommended for ages 2 and up.  You can purchase the 2 game set HERE for $28.95.

Capture your way to victory in this strategy game that combines the concepts of chess with the rules of classic rock-paper-scissors!  Remember that paper can capture rock but not scissors as you move across the board, but be ready to improvise!  Switch tiles can change the game in a single turn!  A great introduction to strategy games, Rock Paper Switch develops big picture thinking as you try to be the last player with at least one of each pawn on the board!  This is an easy-to-learn board game for 2 to 4 players.  The game includes 60 pawns, a gameboard and instructions and takes 30 - 45 mins to play a game.  It is recommended for ages 8 and up.  You can purchase Rock, Paper, Switch HERE for $24.95.

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