Monday, October 28, 2019

Unable to exercise due to lack of time or limited mobility? Cubii makes exercise possible for everyone!!

I received this product from Cubii for review.  The model I received is the Cubii Jr., which can be purchased for $249.00.  It is easy to use and very convenient.  My Mom had hip replacement surgery a few months ago, and she is in need of knee replacement surgery as well.  So it's really hard for her to get out and get any exercise.  Cubii is great for her because it allows her to get a workout while she sits in her chair and reads a book, watches TV or crochets.  It's easy on her joints and doesn't make her sore.  Cubii allows her to get the exercise that she wouldn't be able to get without it.

Cubii makes wellness approachable for all ages, abilities and lifestyles.  Cubii is the original compact seated elliptical that lets you work out without sacrificing time. Add more strides to your day, burn calories, lose weight, and boost energy, all while you sit. Track your workouts with the built-in LCD monitor.  

You can adjust the resistance level to make it harder or easier to pedal, depending on your fitness level.  It's quiet and won't disturb anyone else in the room when you use it.  And you can wear whatever footwear you are most comfortable in.  You can even use it without shoes at all, if that's what is most comfortable for you!

If you have someone on your gift list who has limited mobility, joint pain or simply does not have the time to get out and exercise; Cubii Jr. would be a great gift for them.  Or get one for yourself!  It's helping my Mom tremendously!

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