Tuesday, October 29, 2019

I Will Own A Castle

I received this book for review.

I Will Own A Castle is a sweet story that teaches financial lessons to kids.  Miki is excitedly preparing for her 7th birthday.  She having a costume birthday party and is trying to figure out what she wants to dress up as.  She considers being a Doctor, and Explorer and a Princess, but she really wants to choose all of them.  

The next day while shopping for her costume, her Mom asks her what she wants to be.  Miki tells her that she wants to be a Doctor, an Explorer and a Princess.  Her mother thinks that's a lot of things to dress up as at once, and Miki points out that her mother always tells her she can be anything she wants to be.

When Miki tells her mother that she wanted to live in a castle in FantasiaLand, she suggest that Miki should actually buy and own a castle of her own.  The remainder of the book relates Miki's journ to achieving that dream and the financial lessons she learns along the way.  She learns that owning a castle comes with a lot of expenses and responsibility.  And sometimes things don't go the way you plan, so you have to learn to be flexible and adapt to unexpected changes.

I Will Own A Castle was written by Stacy Brown and illustrated by Tara Larkin.  Stacy Brown is a mortgage broker, entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for financial literacy for the local youth community. She resides in Toronto, Canada. Stacy is most proud to be a mother of two smart girls teaching them to own their own castles.

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