Saturday, October 26, 2019

Fun Wine With A Fun Design!

I received these products for review.

FUN WINE is the leader in its category and liquid encapsulation of its lively hometown - Miami! It is a delicious, low-alcohol flavored wine for every and any enjoyable experience. Its three staple expressions will not only be the drinks of the hour, but easy on your wallet. The brand boasts award-winning packaging by renowned artist Miguel Paredes. Each expression is made with natural ingredients and has an ABV of 5.5%. The brand is available in two formats - 750 mL (SRP: $5.99) bottles and 250mL cans. FUN WINE® is what it says it is… It’s fun wine. Quite simply and literally; just chill it and enjoy!

Coconut Chardonnay: Experience the smoothness of Chadonnay with the exotic flavors of coconut and the unexpected hints of pineapple. This is what Miami tastes like!

Strawberry Rosé Moscato: Let the refreshing taste of strawberry and the crisp aroma of Rosé Moscato arouse your taste buds. This could be your new favorite drink.

Sangria: Fruity, flirty and inviting, with distinct characteristics of juicy fruit. Bold and refreshing, this is the perfect drink to launch summer (or to drink when dreaming of summer!). 

Serve all of these delicious drinks chilled and enjoy the fun wine with the fun design! 

Please drink responsibly.

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