Monday, October 7, 2019

For a quick and easy Halloween costume, try these awesome masks!

I received these products from CottonHeartBaby for review.  These masks are adorable and are available from her Etsy shop.  They are available in both children's and adult's sizes and prices range from $7-$11.  After you purchase a mask, it will be delivered in digital form.  Simply download it and print it out.  Cut out the mask and attach a string to hold it in place. 

If you are looking for a quick and easy costume, these masks are just the thing for you!  The black and white cat mask will turn you or your child into an adorable cat.  Pair it with black and white clothing to complete your look.  

Or perhaps you would prefer these cute fox masks.  Wear orange clothing with your fox mask to make a complete costume.  

Create your own wolf pack by printing one of these wolf masks for everyone.  Wear gray and white clothing and maybe even fashion yourself a fluffy tail to go with it.  This would be an awesome costume!

This cute little sloth will be sure to elicit ooo's an ah's.  You will probably hear "Awwwww!" repeatedly when people see the cute face with the leaves on top of its head and one hanging out of its mouth.  Gray or brown clothing would work well to complete this costume.

Whether you choose to print the same animal mask for each of your family members to form a pack, or a different animal mask for each family member to form a zoo, these masks are and inexpensive, reusable and affordable Halloween costume.  And with a little creativity, you could build an awesome costume around these masks with your choice of clothing and accessories.

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