Saturday, September 7, 2019

This knife is razor sharp and so easy to use!

I received this product from TheChefClub for Review.

This knife is so amazing to use.  It feels comfortable to hold in my hand, and it is so incredibly sharp that it will glide through anything.  Whether I am cutting onions, tomatoes, carrots or other vegetables, it slices them all easily.  And it doesn't seem to dull with use, like most knives do.  It is really easy to clean as well, just rinse it off after each use and you're done! 

The knife is very light weight, and the blade is thin and sharp.  This allows you to make the perfect cut when you use it.  It doesn't snag in the middle of the cut, it glides right through.  And it looks impressive as well.  It is all metal and made in one piece.  You will never have to worry about breaking the handle off, because it is one continuous piece.  It is smooth and sleek, with no corners or edges.  It is made with Matrix Powder Steel, which is more stable and more resistant to corrosion than the high carbon stainless steels that are typically used in high end knives.
These knives have been rated as excellent in CATRA's sharpness and edge retention test.  They have outperformed the more expensive, high-end knives that sell for $150 or more.  

TheChefClub Edition series includes a seven piece knife set that consists of paring knife, utility knife, chef knife, Santoku knife, boning knife, bread knife and The Jar (a glass knife block to store the knives in).  They are available in different finishes (silver, gold and black).  You can find them soon on Kickstarter with limited early bird pricing starting at $59 for the chef knife (regular retail price $99).

UPDATE:  The Kickstarter is now live and you can find it HERE.

They are offering a great early bird deal: 50% off for the chef knife and knife sets:

  • $49 for the 8" powder steel chef knife, only available in 24h after launch;
  • $199 (54% OFF)for a 5p set including chef, utility, paring, bread knife and a glass knife block, 100 sets only. 
Help us spread the word because this would be a great holiday gift for anyone who loves cooking.

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