Monday, September 16, 2019

Finchberry bar soaps smell so good!

I received these products from Finchberry for review.  All of their bar soaps are hand crafted with natural food grade ingredients.  Each bar has a unique appearance and a lush, gentle lather.  Their soaps are gluten free, vegan friendly and are made without any harsh chemical preservatives.  It's more than a's a sensory experience that can be savored daily.

Finchberry offers a wide range of product including soap, fizzy salt soak, body wash, sugar scrub, hand cream, perfume, gift sets, soap dishes, toothbrush holders & mugs, shower poufs, loofahs and shower caps.

The bar soaps are so pretty!  They layer the colors to create beautiful designs.  And the scent is so nice.  It's neither too strong nor too subtle.  Your bathroom will smell amazing.  And because there are no harsh chemical preservatives, your skin will fell soft, clean and smooth after using the soap.  You can purchase soap bars by the slice HERE for the retail price of $10 each.

You can purchase a one pound sample box if you would like to try some of the different scents.  Each sample box contains approximately 8 random variety sample sized slices. You can find it HERE and right now it is priced at $25.00 (regularly priced at $28.00). 

Finchberry even offers this amazing smelling hand cream!  It replenishes hands with a gentle infusion of sunflower and olive oils.  Your hands will be moisturized by the aloe and shea butter in this lotion, and your skin will feel cool and refreshed thanks to the delicate botanicals.  This cream will absorb quickly with no mess, only a small amount is needed.  The hand cream is available in 4 different varieties:  Sweet Dreams, Cranberry Chutney, Sweetly Southern and Fresh & Clean.  You can purchase it HERE for the retail price of $22.00.

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