Friday, September 27, 2019

Everyone loves Ghirardelli Chocolate!

I received these products from Ghirardelli Chocolate for review.  Whether you're giving them as a gift, using them as stocking stuffers or adding them to your holiday candy dish, these Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares will be a big hit!  Each square is individually wrapped, so they will stay fresh until the whole bag is gone!  Each package is festively decorated, as befits the holiday season.  You can purchase them directly from the Ghirardelli website, or at Walmart, Target and most other grocery stores during the holiday season. 

Nothing says Christmas like peppermint.  It's the most common candy cane flavor and also comes in small hard candies.  Ghirardelli has Peppermint Bark Squares.  It's a combination of intense, slow melting chocolate on the bottom and a layer of white chocolate that is sprinkled with peppermint on the top.  It will be available in stores as early as November 1, and is typically available in the 6-8 weeks leading up to Christmas.

If you prefer dark chocolate, Ghirardelli makes Peppermint Bark with that too!  Why not get some of both, to accomodate everyone's tastes?

If you're not in the mood for peppermint, you can choose their Milk Chocolate Caramel instead.  This is one of my own personal favorite flavor combinations.  It's super creamy, slow-melting milk chocolate with a luscious, buttery caramel filling.  This is truly premium quality chocolate and will add an elegant touch to your candy dish or gift list.

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  1. yes, you are right. I'm not a sweet-tooth but i do like it a lot. the variety is always lovely - you can chose any kind to your mood.