Monday, September 16, 2019

A secret weapon for easily wrapping beautiful gifts!

I received this product from Wrap Buddies for review.

For many of us, wrapping presents is difficult and you end up with a sad looking, sloppily wrapped gift.  But Wrap Buddies makes it so much easier.  Just clip the Wrap Buddies to any table or counter top.  Place the roll of wrapping paper between the Wrap Buddies, adjusting the length to fit the roll.  This will hold the roll of wrapping paper firmly in place, allowing you to easily unroll it, measure it and cut it to the size you need.  

Wrap Buddies also holds a roll of tape so it is easily available as you wrap your gift.  No more searching for the roll each time you need tape.  No more trying to pick up a roll of tape and tear off a piece to use while also trying to hold your paper firmly in place in order to have a neatly wrapped gift.  There is even a built in blade to cut the tape for you, so you can easily do it one handed.  

Wrap Buddies will hold any size roll of any paper.  You can use it to wrap food in aluminum foil or freezer paper as well.  You can even use it to hold a roll of doodle paper for your kids!

Wrap Buddies is available for $20 on Amazon and on their website.  You can choose slate gray or cherry red.  

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