Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This book teaches kids that they should never give up when things fall apart

I received this book to review.  

Brock McGuire is a book written by Gladice Guillermo.  Brock is popular in school and can easily make people laugh.  His life seems perfect until everything falls apart and life isn't perfect anymore.  He hates his curly red hair and his two sisters annoy him beyond belief.  And then there is his arch enemy Rick Stevens.  When his charmed life starts to lose its golden shine and his reputation shatters, it would be easy for him to just give up and accept his new reality.  But then he visits an ancient kingdom and a glimmer of hope is born. He's not really sure if he really visited this ancient kingdom, but he puts his hope in the thought that maybe, with a little creative thinking and a never give up attitude, he can salvage his popularity. 

This book is perfect for young boys or young girls.  It is even enjoyable for adults!  The book is very well written and holds your attention as you read, leaving you anxious to find out what will happen next.  I like that it has a bit of fantasy thrown in as you read.  

Children tend to spend way too much time on computers or smart phones.  We need to reintroduce the joy of reading a book to them.  And this book is a good one to start with.  It has both fantasy and adventure.  It also has humor and teaches kids a very good lesson.  So pick up a copy of Brock McGuire and give it to your children.  Encourage them to read it.  This is the first book in a series that features the adventures of Brock McGuire.  I highly recommend it.         

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