Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Try IcyBags and Bibkins this year at your 4th of July BBQ!

I received these products from IcyBags and Bibkins for review.

IcyBags are convenient pouches with a freezable gel insert that will keep your lotions, cosmetics, sunscreen, baby products, medications, etc. chilled.  The IcyBag has a thermal insulated lining and is small enough to fit inside a purse, diaper bag or beach bag.  It also has a clip that allows you to clip it to another bag for easy access. 


You know how it is, you're at the beach and need to reapply your sunscreen.  So you open the bottle and pour some into your hand, only to be shocked at how warm it is.  If it is in the sun, it can get hot and is very uncomfortable to apply to your skin.  Or maybe you have a medication that needs to stay chilled.  It's inconvenient to store it in the cooler with your foods and drinks.  And what a disaster it is to pick up your favorite lipstick to freshen up your lips, only to discover that it has melted in the sun!  

When you use an IcyBag, you don't have to worry about things like that.  Simply put the gel pack in the freezer and let it freeze.  Then place it inside the IcyBag, along with the items that you want to keep cool.  The IcyBag will keep them cool for hours!

You can purchase IcyBag HERE, in your choice of blue, pink or black for $18.99 each with free shipping.

Do you suffer from SED?  The telltale signs of Sed, or Sloppy Eating Disorder, are spots and stains on the front of your shirt or dress.  

Chronic SED sufferers have tried to hide their condition by avoiding eating in public or by always carrying with them a duplicate, identical shirt or dress to the one they are wearing.  When they inadvertently drop food on their clothes, they quickly sneak off to the bathroom and change their soiled clothing.  They hide the evidence and no one is ever the wiser.  But it can get very expensive having to buy all of your clothing in duplicates, not to mention the inconvenience.  But I have a better solution.

This is the Bibkin.  Created by Marc Polish and Associates, a small New Jersey based company, the Bibkin allows you turn any napkin into a bib to protect your clothing.  Bibkins adjust to fit the smallest child or a large aduly.  Whether worn by an adult, or a child, it will function the same.  Just place the bipkin around your neck and attach the two clips on the ends to the corners of a napkin.  This will hold the napkin in place so it can protect your clothing.  

You can purchase Bibkins HERE.  Get 2 Bibkins for $9.95 plus shipping and handling or get the Friends and Family Pack of 6 Bibkins for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  If you need larger quantities, you can purchase in bulk.  The more you purchase, the lower the price for each.

Thanks to Bibkins, people with SED no longer have to suffer in silence!  

I just want to add that, although this review is written with a focus on humor, Bibkins is a genuine product.  It is great for those of us who are prone to getting food stains on the front of our clothing. 

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