Saturday, June 1, 2019

Give your Dad a Tempus Planner for Father's Day.

I received this planner from Tempus Planner to review.  You can purchase this for $27.95 HERE.

The Tempus Planner is an awesome tool to help you organize your life.  Use it to keep track of the thing things you need to do daily and you will find that you are able to complete more of those tasks.  

This planner was designed with creative people, entrepreneurs, bloggers and other ambitious goal oriented people in mind.  It will help you create thorough plans about how to accomplish the most of your daily goals, which will result in you being able to do more.  It would be the perfect Father's Day gift for a busy father who likes to stay organized.

Inside the planner, you will find pages to record the following: key dates throughout the year, a list of books you would like to read, write down things you want to work on (ideas, information and tasks around a central concept), organize daily tasks with the specially designated Time Blocking Daily Task lists (with a place at the bottom to write down one thing that you are happy to have achieved for that day), keep track of your tasks and goals on a weekly basis, 5 goal setting layouts to keep track of any set goals and milestones and a page to record your notes to make it easy to keep track of.

At 6 X 8.5 inches and 236 pages, it is the perfect size to carry around with you if you need to.  It has an elastic closure strap and 2 ribbons to use as bookmarks.  It has a sewn binding that allows it to lay flat.  

The hardback is covered in a nice linen like blue fabric and has a sturdy, high end feel and appearance.  With 15 pages for notes, 9 blank pages and 6 lined pages, there's room to record anything that you might need to record.        

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