Tuesday, May 14, 2019

This waterproof fleece blanket keeps you dry and warm

I received two of these wonderful waterproof fleece blankets from Kamui for review.  You can purchase them on Amazon for $26.00 each.

This blanket is waterproof on one side and fleece on the other.  It makes a perfect picnic blanket, beach blanket or stadium blanket.  It will allow you to stay dry while sitting in dew covered grass thanks to the waterproof side of the blanket.  The fleece side is soft and makes it warm and comfortable to cover up with or wrap up in to fend off the chilly air.  

Measuring 79 x 55 inches, it is large enough for 3 or 4 people to sit on.  So take it along on your next family picnic.  And there's no need to worry about getting it dirty from the ground or by dropping food on it because it is completely machine washable.  Dirt and sand easily wipes off, as does water.

It comes with a nice carry bag as well.  You can sling it over your shoulder or carry it in your hand, making it easy to take along with you as you go.  The shoulder strap is conveniently detachable.

There is no color choice, it only comes in the green and blue plaid design.  While I would love to have a choice of colors, it still looks really nice.  

The carry case is really convenient.  It's really easy to fold the blanket up and slip it inside the case.  No fighting to get it packed away. the bag is roomy.  It's also convenient to throw it in the trunk of your car and carry with you until it is needed.  You never know when you might get the spontaneous urge to have a picnic!  Overall, this is a wonderful blanket and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to spend time outdoors with their family.  Whether it be a family picnic, or a romantic one with that some one special, this blanket is perfect.  It's great to take along with you for a day at the beach, a football game or your next camping trip.

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