Monday, May 6, 2019

The Kestrel Disc Golf Set is Awesome!

The nice people at Kestrel Outdoors gave me this awesome Disc Golf Set to review.  They have also been kind enough to provide a second set for a giveaway, so one of our lucky readers will win.  Will it be you?  Watch for the giveaway and when it goes live, get your entries in!  Now on with my review!

Disc Golf is a really fun game for the whole family.  It will get you outdoors  and active instead of sitting behind a computer screen.  It would be a wonderful activity for a Birthday party, for a tween, teen or any age, actually. 

To play disc golf, you throw a flying disc at a target basket using rules similar to golf.  There are usually 9 or 18 of these targets (or holes) spread out over the course.  To complete the hole, throw your disc at the target from the tee area, then throw again from the landing spot, and so on until you land your disc int the target basket.  The number of throws it takes you to land your disc are counted, and you want to complete the hole (and the entire course) in as few throws as possible.  There are disc golf courses in nearly every American City, as well as in many countries worldwide.

The Kestrel Pro Set Bundle includes 3 discs (distance driver, mid-range and putter) and a disc golf bag (available in several different colors).  It is PDGA approved.  They are made with flexible plastic to give you bend and distance.  172 grams with perfect molds for distance, accuracy and flexibility.  They fly further and straighter than ever before.  It is very reasonably priced with a suggested retail price of $42.99.  You can purchase it from their site, or from Amazon.

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