Sunday, May 26, 2019

Give a truly unique Father's Day Gift to Dad this year, make him a Scottish Lord!

I received this from Highland Titles to review.

This is a truly unique and awesome gift for Father's Day.  Highland Titles has two nature reserves in Scotland called Glencoe Wood and Mountain View.  To help with their conservation efforts, they offer souvenir plots for purchase, varying in size from 1 square foot to 1000 square feet.  Prices start at $43.  (All 1 square foot plots will be in Glencoe Wood, larger plots will be in Mountain View).  Purchasing one of these plots grants you the legal use of your choice of title:  Laird, Lord or Lady.  With the 1 square foot souvenir plot, you will receive a presentation folder, personalized certificate, information booklet, bumper sticker and plot ID card via postal mail.  It was well packaged and shipping was very fast.  Larger plots come with additional benefits, which you can read about on their site

I was given a 1 square foot souvenir plot, which I had registered in my husband's name as a Father's Day gift from the kids.  It came with this beautiful Certificate of Sale and Disposition that is perfect for framing.  It looks awesome hanging on our wall.  My husband is enjoying being called "Lord Per" and I think it is pretty cool.  

You can visit your plot, they even encourage it.  Your presentation folder will include information on your plot location, visiting rights and custom ID card.  You will be able to enjoy offers and discounts on a range of activities in the area.  For further information on this, see the Highland Titles site.  

You will receive a handbook that tells you everything you need to know about owning your souvenir plot.  Depending on your plot size, you will receive everything from stationery templates to a quality lambs wool scarf.  You can join the community of 100,000 members and vote on important land management decisions.  There is also an app you can download for iPhone and Android that lets you interact and show off your "estate".  

I think this is an awesome way to preserve the flora, fauna and wildlife of Scotland.   And it offers a place for people to go to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Go to their website and look at the photos of the area.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  I hope to be able to visit my husband's "estate" some day.  I just have one question.  If my husband is a Lord now, does that make me a Lady since I'm his wife?   

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