Sunday, April 14, 2019

My no fail Hiccup cure

Does your child ever get hiccups that they can't get rid of no matter how hard they try?  When scaring them doesn't work, what should you do?  Some people hold their breath or breathe into a paper bag, but that has never worked for me.  But I have found something that works EVERY SINGLE TIME.  When my kids get hiccups, I give them a glass of water....and I pull on their ears.  Don't laugh.  It really does work.  I don't know how or why, but it does.

I learned about this online somewhere.  I don't remember what I was reading, but a woman was telling about her child having hiccups while traveling.  They were in an airport and a man asked for permission to touch her child's ears in order to cure the hiccups.  She gave permission and within seconds her child's hiccups were gone.  So I tried it the next time one of my kids got them and was really surprised when it worked!  It's the only method we use now.  When one of my kids gets them, they will come and ask me to pull on their ears.  lol

Here's how it is done:

Give your child a glass of water and tell them to drink it slowly and continuously.  While they drink, take hold of their earlobes and gently pull down and release repeatedly (about 6-10 times).  Then pause and see if the hiccups are gone.  If they are not, repeat.

I have always had it work on the first try.  I have even had success with this method without using water.  We were once out walking and didn't have any water with us when Julia got hiccups.  So I told her to just swallow over and over, like she was drinking.  While she did that, I pulled on her ears.  And it worked!  Somehow the swallowing action combines with the ear pulling and eliminates the hiccups.

I know it sounds funny and weird, but give it a try!  You'll be amazed at how effective this method really is.  Let me know if it works for you!   

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