Friday, April 26, 2019

Fingerlings Baby Unicorns Are Adorable

WowWee has given me two Fingerlings Baby Unicorns to review and I absolutely love them!  They are so cute.  The suggested retail price for them is $14.99 and you can find them on Amazon.

These Fingerlings Baby Unicorns love to hang on to your fingers.  They respond to sounds, motion and touch by making cute little noises, blinking their eyes and turning their heads.  You'll get different reactions by petting them, rocking them or hanging them upside down.  You can even rock them to sleep.  If you blow them a kiss, they will kiss you back.  Each Fingerlings Baby Unicorn has a rainbow colored mane and tail, and a tiny horseshoe on its rump.  They have over 40 animations and sound effects.  They come in different colors.  The battery is included so you can start playing with it immediately.  The Fingerlings Baby Unicorn is just one of many different Fingerlings available.  I suggest you pick up a few of these.  They are so cute, you are going to want more than one! 

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