Sunday, March 24, 2019

Just A Quick Introduction

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to do a quick introduction.  My name is Per Westman.  I am a Swedish METAL HEAD, my wife is a country music loving American.  It sounds like a conflict of interests, but we both love classic rock, so it works.  We are raising our 3 kids here in Sweden. 

I am helping my wife with the design of this blog.  I will be writing reviews from time to time.  We are really excited to get going with this.

We hope to have a large following throughout Europe and America.  We have friends and family members in the U.S. who have expressed the desire to join us with this venture, so we will be able to cover both areas.  This is Michelle's dream, and I am dedicated to helping her achieve it.  

For now, please like, share and follow us on the various sites as Michelle gets them set up.  I look forward to a successful site.     

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